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Giroptic iO X Facebook Live

Live streaming in 360° on Facebook made easy

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Turn your phone into a 360° live streaming camera

Giroptic iO connects to your phone or tablet so you can easily live stream 360° to Facebook. Share the moment in its entirety with your friends.

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Designed to work with Facebook Live

Streaming live in 360 on Facebook is easy - just plug in your Giroptic iO camera and connect to your Facebook account. You can now live stream to your friends or a page on Facebook and see comments real-time.

Live stream anywhere

High-quality twin custom lenses and unique real-time image processing technology are packed in a pocket-sized design so you can shoot 360° wherever you are. Adaptive streaming technology optimizes your live stream to work with wifi and cellular networks (at least 4G recommended) so you can live stream anywhere.

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