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The most versatile 360° camera
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Up. Down. All Around.

The Giroptic 360cam features three eyes and three ears to capture everything.

3 lenses5 modes

Ready for action

The 360cam combines the lightness and durability of magnesium alloy with the soft touch and shock-resistance of rubber to follow you anywhere.


Play on any device

Thanks to its patented real time image processing, the 360° images coming out of the 360cam are directly compatible with every 360° player, on any device, without any additional processing

Smartphone & Tablet
VR Ready


Adapt your 360cam to your needs! The battery base for adventures on the go, the Light Bulb Adaptor to set up a home surveillance system, or the Ethernet Adaptor to stream unique live events

Switch to VR mode

Strap on VR headsets, or other mobile viewers.

Your life in 360° with the 360cam

Discover the amazing 360° contents that users shot with their 360cam

The Giroptic 360cam app

Remote control your 360cam, visualize and share your images from your smartphone or tablet

Tech Specs

  • Optics and audio

    3 x 185°, F/1.8, 360° x 300°

    Optics and audio

    Optics: 3 x 185°
    Ultra-sharp 6 elements glass lenses
    Aperture: F/2.8
    Field of view: 360° x 300°
    3 microphones for 3D audio
    Gyroscope, Accéléromètre (image stabilization)

  • Shooting modes

    Photo, Video, Burst, Timelapse

    Shooting modes

    Photo (self-timer / HDR)
    Vidéo (25/30 fps)
    Burst (up to 3fps)
    Timelapse (5 to 30sec)
    Live (via Wi-Fi or ethernet adaptor)

  • Connectivity

    Micro SD, Micro USB, Wi-Fi, GPS


    Micro SD card (class 10 up to 128Gb)
    Micro USB (charging / file transfer)
    Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 802.11 b/g/n)
    GPS geo-tagging
    Remote controlling (via Wi-Fi)

  • Weight and dimension

    69mm x 69mm / 2,7" x 2,7" (180g / 6.3oz)

    Weight and dimension

    Dimensions: 69mm x 69mm / 2,7" x 2,7"
    Weight: 180g / 6.3oz

  • Material

    Magnesium allow, Rubber body


    Magnesium allow, Rubber body

  • Battery

    Lithium-ion (1180mAH, 3,7V)


    Lithium-ion rechargeable and removable (1180mAH, 3,7V)

  • Recording

    JPEG / MP4 (real-time stiching)


    Unique technology of real-time stitching (no post-production software needed)
    Photo: 4096 x 2048 / JPEG
    Video: 2048 x 1024 / MP4 (H.264)

  • More

    Color screen LED, Waterproof


    Color screen LED
    Waterproof (IPX 8)
    Regular ¼” tripod and accessories mount


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Three eyes and three ears to capture everything around you and make your 360 degree photos and videos as immersive as reality itself: Up. Down. All-Around. The 360cam is a beautiful, yet highly technical, device that is busting open creative and recording possibilities for a wide variety of usages.