What’s in your Giroptic 360cam box

What’s in the box?

Once you’ve opened the main box, the inner box flaps should be opening around the main foam block. The lower flap contains the Quick Start Guide to guide you through those first steps.

In the main foam block, you can see:

  • Your 360cam
  •  A micro USB cable
  • A rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

On the lower left side, a small compartment contains additional elements:

  • A micro fiber pouch
  • A wrist strap
  • A USB cover (to prevent dust & debris from getting in during outdoor sessions)
  • A tripod adaptor (this round rubber disc allows you to adjust the camera on accessories using a longer screw, such as tripods and other accessories)

Setting up the micro SD card and the battery

Take the camera and the battery out of the packaging, and prepare your micro SD memory card (sold separately).

    1. Open the 3 clips holding the bottom of the camera
    2. Hold the top of the camera with one hand, and pull on the bottom part with the other one to remove it

    1. Open gently the micro SD card holder below the top part of the camera, place your micro SD with the label facing up, close and slide the lid from the micro SD card holder to secure the card


  • Put the battery in the bottom part, make sure it’s in the right position (the battery pins should be facing up and be aligned with the 3 little stripes mark on the side)



  • Place the bottom part under the top one, and push firmly on the 3 clips to close the camera. If it’s too hard, press a bit the top and bottom part together and try again. Make sure the battery is in the right position (the pins will be preventing you to close the camera if that’s not the case).



  • All set? Before you turn it on, we recommend to connect the camera for a couple of hours using the micro USB cable to a computer or a wall charger to get the camera juiced up before your first use. Almost there!


Once you’re all set, learn how to operate your camera.

Once that your camera is fully geared up (charged battery, micro SD…), you’re all set for your first shots!