Updating the firmware

Regular updates will become available for your camera through firmware updates.

We strongly encourage you to update your camera when one is available; it can correct issues, improve the camera performance and your overall experience with your 360° camera.

Checking and updating your camera firmware

Updates can only be performed through the 360cam Studio application available for Windows and Mac OSX.

To check if your camera is up to date, open the 360cam Studio software, turn on your camera and connect it to your computer using the provided micro-USB cable.

Once the camera screen displays “USB”, you can get your camera information in the “My 360cam” tab of 360cam Studio. The firmware version is indicated as below:

When a new firmware update is available for your camera, you’ll be prompted to install it.

Clicking on “Update” will start the process. At this point, make sure not to disconnect the camera before you’re asked to do it.

The new program will be downloaded and transferred to your camera.

Remove the USB cable. The camera screen will be displaying an animated mustache while processing, and automatically reboot. Once your camera displays “Video” again, your camera is up to date!

Firmware update failure

In some rare occasions, the firmware update can fail, and you might be experiencing one of the following:

– After the Desktop App 360cam Studio asked to unplug the USB cable, the camera displays the animated mustache and finally stays in a frozen mustache display (consider it as an issue if nothing happens after 3 minutes).

– The camera displays the animated mustache, then reboots and then display “360” for more than 2 minutes.

– The camera displays the animated mustache, reboots, displays “360” for a few seconds and then displays an error (error 801 or 321 for instance). In this case, turn off the camera and restart it. Consider it to be an issue if the same error always happens at each boot.

If you experience one of these situations, perform a factory settings reset of the camera, and then go through the regular update procedure above.

If the process fails multiple times, get in touch with the support team (support@giroptic.com).