Tips & recommendations

Making movies and taking pictures in 360° will be changing the way we’ve been used to capture and watch contents until now. Here are a few basic tricks to help you get the best out of your 360° camera.

Make sure the optics are clean

That sounds intuitive, but on a multi-lens camera, having one or several lenses dirty can have a big impact on the final result: differences between lenses, blurs, blooming when facing strong light sources…

The optics should always look non-greasy/without finger prints. When the optics are clean they usually even look deep black, even when facing a strong light source (like the sun).

To clean the lenses, you can use any piece of specialized soft microfiber cloth like the 360cam pouch itself.

Avoid being in the stitching zone

As explained in the article about the 360° format, objects too close to a multi-lens camera might not be stitched correctly due to the parallax effect.

It is recommended to try to always be facing directly one of the optics, and have importants subjects directly facing the optics when less than 1.5m / 5ft away from the camera.  

Keep a strict orientation of the camera

Whether it’s the right way up, or completely upside down, try to keep the camera in one of those 2 strict orientations. While the camera will of course capture everything in any position, playing back the content in a 360° player will be much easier and natural if it has been recording in one of those positions.