Street View Beta Program – Getting the iO 360 app

To be able to try it out Street View sharing feature, you’ll need first to be part of our Street View Beta Program. If you are a Street View beta tester, you have received a mail from TestFlight. If not, please send us a mail to asking us to be part of the Street View Beta Program.

Note: This is a beta version only for iOS devices (iOS 10 or later), several improvements on performance still need to be done. Your feedback are precious so please give us yours on

Here are the steps to get iO 360 Beta app and use Street View sharing feature:

  1. Once your mail received from TestFlight, click View in TestFlight button. This will open a webpage. Please write down the Redeem code. You’ll need it later on step 5.
  2. Tap on Get TestFlight from App Store. It will open the App Store app.
  3. Click on GET to download TestFlight app.
  4. Once TestFlight app downloaded, open the app and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. A pop-up will prompt to ask you to add your redeem code get on step 1. Write your Redeem code.
  6. Once your redeem code added, it will automatically downloaded iO 360 Beta app.
  7. Just open iO 360, plug your Giroptic iO and switch to Timelapse mode to capture a photo sequence. 
  8. Once you timelapse is finished, open it in the gallery, click on the share button and select “share whole timelapse”
  9. Click on the Street View icon, and if not already connected, log in to your Google account
  10. Wait for the upload to be finished ( it may take some time depending on the number of images in your timelapse and your connection )
  11. Once upload is finished, you will be able to watch your itinerary through tour 360° geo-tagged photos directly on the Street View app