Sharing on Street View

Giroptic iO is Street View mobile ready

We are very proud to announce that the Giroptic iO is now Street View mobile ready. Thanks to the iO 360 app it is very easy to upload one or several photos to Street View.

How to share your geo-tagged time-lapses or photos on Street View

With the Giroptic iO and its app iO360 you can easily share on Street View your geo-tagged timelapses or photos.

To share a geo-tagged photo sequence on Street View, just follow those simple steps:

  • Plug your Giroptic iO on your phone, the app opens automatically.
  • From the capture view, select the time-lapse mode.
  • Select your frame interval ( from 5fps to 1 frame every 5s ) and press the capture button.
  • Shoot! You can move during your time-lapse, your photos will be automatically geo-tagged.
  • Once you are done, your timelapse will be available in the moments section. You can edit your time-lapse and remove un-wanted frames.
  • To share it on Street View, press the share icon on the top right hand corner. You can share a single photo or the whole photo sequence.
  • Log in to your Google account and share your awesome photos!
  • Once upload is done, you will be able to watch your photos directly in the Street View app.

See below some video examples on how to capture and share time-lapses to Street View:

  • Capturing your timelapse:


  • Sharing your photo sequence to Street View:


  • Visualizing your content on Street View :

Notes before sharing on Street View

Before using this feature with your Giroptic iO, please note that:

  • the content you share on Street View will be public on Google Maps and may also appear in other Google products. Learn more about the Google Maps Photo & Video Policy.
  • when sharing a photo or a photo sequence on Street View, it has to be approved by Google Maps to be listed as public.

Learn more about Street View and Giroptic.