Operating the camera: Boot & Modes

First boot

Hold the left power button until the battery battery bar lit up on the screen. The camera will be booting up (the full process takes about 30s), and display 360°.

Once the screen displays “Video” and the battery life status bar, your 360cam is ready for action!

To turn your camera off, hold the left power button until the screen displays the letters “OFF” and then turns off.

Switching modes

Your camera will boot up on the last mode you’ve been using before turning your camera off.

To change the camera mode, short press the right mode button repeatedly until you reach the desired mode.

Note: When switching from the video mode to one of the photo modes, the camera will need to load different calibration settings. When doing so, an animated mustache will be displayed on the screen for a few seconds. The camera can’t be operated while this operation is going and you’ll have to wait until the animation stops to continue using your camera.


Once you are in the intended mode, short press the left power/shutter button to start recording. The screen will display informations on the file being recorded depending on the mode you are using.

As an example, in video mode the screen will display the record duration.

To stop recording, short press the left power/shutter button again. The camera will display the name of the file and return to displaying the mode name. Your file is saved!

To learn more about modes and settings, see detailed articles.

Now that your 360cam cam is up and running, let’s see how to connect to your camera and view your contents.

Though the contents produced by the 360cam are directly compatible with any 360° players and platforms, the GIROPTIC apps & softwares will allow you to maximise your experience with your 360cam, from keeping your camera up to date, to remote control your camera and of course watch and share your photos and videos in 360°.

To download the right applications for your device, get on https://www.giroptic.com/us/en/support