Microphones & Sound

The GIROPTIC 360cam is equipped with 3 microphones. They are placed right below each optic as picture below.

Sound characteristics

Here’s some sound characteristics based on last firmware 4.11 improvements :

– sampling rate : 44.1 kHz

– sample bit depth : 16 bits

– bitrate : 96 kbps for live features (Light Bulb, POE) and video mode @25fps, 64 kbps for video mode @30fps

Sound quality

The 360cam being waterproof, it also mean that microphones had to be protected from water. Each microphone is equipped with a waterproof membrane to allow the camera being completely submersible without any optional protective case.

As the microphones are not directly in contact with outside environment, the sound can sometimes appear more muffled than when using a regular non-waterproof camera or device. The sound should nonetheless remain clear enough to perfectly record a conversation or other external sounds at a reasonable distance away from the camera.

External audio input

While the 360cam equipped with the standard battery base doesn’t allow for external audio input, the optional Ethernet Adaptor is equipped with a mini-jack input. When connected to an external audio source, the Ethernet Adaptor will bypass the camera microphone and add the desired audio input to the live streaming video feed.