Light Bulb adaptor

Thanks to the Light Bulb adaptor, you can live stream 360°videos with a continuous power supply and set it up as a home video surveillance system without any heavy setup required.

Configure the Light Bulb adaptor

  1. Configure your Light Bulb adaptor via our desktop app 360cam Studio. To do so, get the last version of the desktop app on . Go to Live section and follow the different steps.
    Make sure to be using the 3.23 desktop app or later as well as the 4.09 firmware version or later.
    Here is a tutorial explaining how to go through the 3 configuration steps process.
  1. Once the configuration process has been completed, please remove the battery compartment thanks to the 3 fixation clips.
  2. Attach your Light Bulb adaptor to the 360cam and secure it using the fixation clips
  3. Mount the camera on the your lamp
  4. Switch on the light interruptor and the 360cam will automatically turn itself on in Live mode .The LED screen will display “LIVE” and a blue LED located at the upper right corner will start blinking

Watch the live stream

You can either watch your live stream through our mobile app 360cam (on iOS or Android device) or you can watch it on

Using the 360cam mobile app

Click on the upper left button of the app main window and click on “LIVE”


You will then see the following view:

Click on “Connect”

On this view you will have the option to pick either the “CLOUD” option or the “LAN” one. We will go through both of them in this tutorial


Using the cloud option you will need to log in to your account

You will then be redirected to your live


​If you decide to watch your stream using the cloud option then click on “CLOUD”. The app will ask you if you configured your camera, select “Configuration done” if you have done so.

Wait for the app to find your camera and then click on it to watch the stream


  1. Go to and click on the “connect” button

  2. Once connected, go to ‘My gallery’
  3. Under ‘My gallery’ then ‘My Lightbulb Streams’ you’ll have access to all the Light Bulbs that once have been configured. If your Light Bulb is in Red, it means that the light Bulb is switched off or the Light Bulb was not well configured. If it’s green, you can go ahead and click on it
  1. It will redirect your 360° Live stream.


I cannot access to Live section on 360cam Studio

  1. Are you in 3.23 version of 360cam app? If not, please download the latest Desktop app here:
  1. Has your camera been updated to the 4.09 firmware or later? If not please update your 360cam to the latest firmware available using the Desktop app. (to check which firmware version you camera is on, open the Desktop app and under “General” it will be written next to “Firmware version”)

The loader displayed on Step 2 of the configuration process never stops spinning

  1. Remove any SD card plugged in to your computer
  2. Unplug your 360cam and close the 360cam Studio Desktop app
  3. Launch the 360cam Studio Desktop app
  4. Plug your 360cam and wait until “USB” is displayed on the LED screen
  5. Under the “General” tab of the 360cam Studio Desktop app, make sure that under the “Wi-Fi” section, the field name is not empty (see screenshot above). If you do not see the name of your 360cam, please unplug your camera and plug it back
  6. Go to the “Live” tab of the 360cam Studio Desktop app and go through the 3 steps

The LED screen displays “Live” but I do not see my stream

  1. Turn off your 360cam and try again to configure your live stream and retry
  2. Is the top-right LED of LED screen of your cam is green? If yes, turn off your 360cam and try again to configure your live stream and retry
  3. Is the top-right LED of 360cam screen never stop blinking? If yes, turn of your 360cam and turn it back on

If this still does not fix your issue, please go to the “General” tab of the 360cam Studio Desktop app, under “My 360cam” select “Restore my 360cam” and configure you network once again

​Please note that the device may get hot during operation. To avoid any damage, the camera has an auto shutoff which requires a 10 minute cool down before restarting again.

What are the 360cam Light Bulb electrical features?

  • 50-60 Hz
  • 95-265 VAC