iO Ping Beta Program – Getting the iO Ping app

To be able to try it out iO Ping app, you’ll need first to be part of our iO Ping Beta Program. If you are an iO Ping Beta Tester, you have received a mail from TestFlight. If not, please send us a mail to asking us to be part of the iO Ping Beta Program.

Note: This is a beta version, several improvements on performance and call stability still need to be done. Your feedback are precious so please give us yours on

Be sure you are calling someone that has a recent device, following the requirements:

  • iOS: an iPhone 6 and more is required, as well as iOS11
  • Android: Lollipop 5.0 and more, with Chrome browser. Works also with Samsung mobile browser on Samsung S7 Edge and S8.
  • Desktop: Only on Mac OS and Windows browsers: Safari 11+, Firefox, Chrome

Not supported devices:

  • Android: Honor 8, Google Pixel C

iO Ping app requires iOS11 or later version. No need for your beloved ones to download the app, iO Ping works in mobile (iOS/Android) and desktop browsers (Mac/PC).

Here are the steps to get iO Ping:

  1. Once your mail received from TestFlight, click View in TestFlight button. This will open a webpage. Please write down the Redeem code. You’ll need it later on step 5.
  2. Tap on Get TestFlight from App Store. It will open the App Store app.
  3. Click on GET to download TestFlight app.
  4. Once TestFlight app downloaded, open the app and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. A pop-up will prompt to ask you to add your redeem code get on step 1. Write your Redeem code.
  6. Once your redeem code added, it will automatically downloaded iO Ping Beta app called iO Ping.
  7. Here you’re done! Just open iO Ping, watch the Onboarding screen and then plug your camera once you get the app screen asking you to connect your camera.