Video mode

When turning on your GIROPTIC 360cam using the default battery base, here are all the accessible modes you can choose from:



  1. Turn on the camera with a long press on the left button and wait for the camera to boot up completely. The camera is on when “VIDEO” or the last selected mode appears on the status screen. If you are in another mode (Photo, Burst…), press the right button to switch mode until the screen displays “VIDEO”
  2. In video mode, short press the left button to start recording. The GIROPTIC 360cam immediately start capturing video and the screen displays the duration of the recording.
  3. Short press the left button to stop recording. The status screen should quickly display the name of the file and then display “VIDEO”. Your file has been recorded!

You can now have a look at your video through the 360cam mobile app or by connecting your 360cam to your computer and using the 360 Studio app.


Video settings are as follow:

  • Resolution: 2048 x 1024 (2K)
  • Frame rate: 25fps
  • Format: h.264/mp4
  • Average bitrate: 12MB/sec (10mn of video is about 1GB)