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Giroptic iO Ping—call friends and family in 360° in just a few clicks.

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World premiere

Discover the first ever 360° video call service and enjoy a one-of-a-kind communication experience.

Call friends and family in 360° in just a few seconds

Using it is a cinch: open the app, connect your Giroptic iO, then launch a 360° video call the same way you would make any normal phone call. All it takes is a few clicks. Pressing the call button generates a link that can be shared via text, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc...right from the application. All the recipient has to do to join the conversation is click on the shared link from their phone, tablet, or computer. Once connected, they'll be able to instantly navigate the caller's environment in 360°—guaranteed to leave them speechless!

"If only you could have been there to see it yourself!"

Now it’s possible! Enjoying the magical view from a rooftop in Paris or NYC, splashing around in a creek with family, or exploring the ends of the earth...this new innovation immerses the call recipient in the environment of the caller. This adds a whole new dimension to video chat by allowing users to share real moments in real time. This is nothing short of a revolution in the way we communicate.

Giroptic is pushing the limits of 360° communication

We've created the highest quality service possible. At the core of this innovation is our patented real-time image stitching technology. This instantaneous “construction” of 360° images achieved by the Giroptic iO camera guarantees a video stream of impeccable quality with a lag time of less than 0.3 seconds: a crucial aspect for one-on-one communication. In order to ensure video call compatibility with all web browsers, we have developed our own 360° video player.

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