What is it about 360 cameras that’s so cool? Why all the chatter about these cameras? The main answer’s simple. 360 cameras provide a “wholistic” view of everything that no other camera can achieve. Second to this, they provide a degree of portability, convenience, and increased accessibility that regular cameras cannot come close to reaching.

In this post, I share what feeds the draw to these cameras, painting an overview of how 360 technology can personally enrich your life experiences.


How the 360 cameras enrich life experiences

The premise behind 360 cameras is to provide benefit to our lives – enhance the environment around us to better adapts to OUR needs. You heard right 🙂 OUR needs. Finally a technology that we don’t have to adapt to or wrap our lives around. No longer are the days where we adapt to our static camera. 360 cameras have an innate ability to adapt to our needs.

They’re so easy to use – well, notably the Giroptic iO 360 camera is so easy to use. “The whole picture” from 360 cameras can be captured in an easy to use single setup. Plug the camera into your phone, shoot and share. As such, we’re not fumbling with equipment that takes minutes to setup while the moment is lost. Instead, in one easy setup, we’re ready to roll, capturing the entire moment.

With 360, the moment doesn’t have to stop for everyone to look at the camera and say “cheese.” Instead, 360 photos allow you to be present in the moment without having to worry about getting everyone in the frame. The entire “frame” can be captured without having to stop the moment.



Think of your child’s class graduation photo where you had to step back and back and back in order to fit everyone in the frame. Not an issue for 360. Step right up, point, shoot and click and you’ve captured all the graduates in one easy to take picture.

I remember visiting the monuments at Washington DC a few weeks ago and seeing others struggle to take pictures of their friends and family while fitting the monument in. It seemed as if they were a quarter mile away and still struggling to “fit” everything into the frame. I didn’t have this issue thanks to my Giroptic iO. I used the camera’s timer for a point, shoot and share picture and was able to capture my family, the moment and all the small moments happening around us. An amazing time saver and a beautiful “wholistic” picture I was able to share with family.



The 360 camera captures everything around it without having to turn or adjust the camera.

This means that it can also capture you, the photographer, if you choose. It also means it never misses a moment, such as an unexpected surprise or a meaningful expression. 

This amazing “wholistic” way of capturing photos gives you a better memory than the traditional framed photo. So when you look back on your memory, you’re not just looking back at a flat framed photo. You’re looking back at an experience. You can also see moments that were happening around you that you were not directly part of.

Take for example the Washington DC 360 moment I described above. In looking back at that memory, I can see lots of little moments in the distance of people admiring the structure. A cute little boy in the distance had his mouth ajar in awe. Truly a priceless moment of not only my family admiring the monument, but everyone around us as well.

Summer’s coming up – think of how cool it would be to see how the kids in the distance at the beach enjoy some water games while you’re talking to some friends. Or how amazing it would be go to back to the moment of your friend’s big birthday party and see EVERYONE’S reaction, not only those in your frame of view, when she revealed she was pregnant? Very cool to relive and see all the details you were part of as well as those missed.

I mentioned in the point above how cool is is to see EVERYONE’S reactions to events that are not in your direct view. One thing I especially love about 360 pictures is that they don’t feel staged. There is no need for a poised moment in front of a camera where we wait for everyone to fix their hair and smile pretty. Instead, the naturalness of every moment is captured with 360. 360 photos feel genuine and unpolished, as we see everyone’s  vulnerability. I recently brought out my Giroptic iO 360 camera when my children brought our puppies outside for the first time. It was amazing new experience for the pups and the kids were ecstatic. The natural excitement seen in their expressions, positions, etc. was priceless. And how cool that I was able to share that moment with their grandparents and reflect on it for years to come.



Be part of the moment

What about your friend who wasn’t able to make the event where you shot the photo? How amazing it would be to let them be part of the memory? 360 photos give them that opportunity by allowing them to be part of the moment! Those you share your photo with can have a “wholistic” view of everything that was happening at the moment of the picture click. In other words, 360 photos do an amazing job of capturing the complete essence of a memory for you to reflect on and share with others who were not there. That moment I described above with the kids and puppies – well, their grandparents enjoyed feeling as if they were right there with everyone after I shared with them. They went on to re-share the photo with friends in their circle, who got a kick out of the expressions on the kids playful faces and loved the sweet vulnerability of the puppies. In fact, one family who saw the tricked down 360 photo ended up welcoming one of the puppies into their home 🙂

Another amazing wow invoked by the 360 camera is its ability to instantly “go live” and share moments with friends and family as the event is actually unfolding. Remember the days of not being able to make an event and having to hear second hand how the time transpired? Well throw that out the window! 360 cameras allow you to remotely invite friends who couldn’t make it in-person to join your moment – a party, a concert, a class, a trip, etc. Being an on the run mom, this is an amazing WOW factor for me, Double booking with kids sport games no longer means I have to “miss” anything. I’m able to watch in person one event while viewing another entire experience live on my phone. Mom being “always there” has certainly taken on a whole new meaning with my 360 camera.

Instant chatting and sharing about the experience while live streaming enhances the experience and connection with your audience. Extremely cool that I can watch and chat with my husband as he’s live streaming my older daughter’s game to me, while watching my younger daughter’s game in person. Being in two places at the same time has taken on a whole new meaning with 360 cameras.

So what’s cool about 360 cameras? A whole bunch of things. Personally, I continue to find wow factors in my Giroptic iO each time I use it. Special moments don’t happen all the time and now with my 360 camera I can view my 360 photos and relive special moments for a lifetime.

Whether it’s the ability to be present in the moment, the benefit of adapting to your needs, the “wholistic” view of each capture, the ability to invite other to share in your moment, the capability of being part of two moments at once or one of the other slew of benefits 360 cameras bring to your life, 360 cameras are definitely wow.

So which 360 camera wow factor tops your list?