Capturing outdoor music festivals and concerts with the Giroptic iO and 360 livestreaming.

The magic of 360 livestreaming

Outdoor music festivals and concerts often go down as the highlights of the summer. The magic of live summertime performances given by your favorite bands—the feeling of dancing, singing along, or simply pausing to enjoy a special moment—can now be recorded and shared with others like never before.

Just as the summer provides a refreshing setting for open-air music, it also provides an opportunity to refresh your social content. Over the course of the next few articles, we will be looking at ways to capture different kinds of live performances using the Giroptic iO for 360° livestream, video, and photos.

This article focuses on capturing outdoor music festivals and concerts with the Giroptic iO. To serve as a bit of inspiration, here’s a recent concert video created by one of our own team members:

Some tips for 360 livestreaming

As you capture your music festival and concert experiences, there are a few basic concepts of 360° imaging you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • Transport your audience. Think: what is the best way I can immerse my viewers in my experience? Consider how the imaging capabilities of the Giroptic iO camera can pull your viewers into the experience that you captured. To achieve this: get close, get playful, and get imaginative.


  • Plan your narration. Whether you’re capturing specific songs or just showing off your friends having a good time, it’s helpful to have an idea of how you want to narrate the experience beforehand. Here are some questions you might ask yourself:
    • What clear story am I trying to tell?
    • How can I best capture the festival grounds?
    • How can I provide the context for my friends’ amazing   dance moves?
    • How can I capture both side performances and the main act in a single awesome shot?


  • Guide your viewers. Facebook 360 provides editing features that enable you to guide your viewers. When you post photos and videos, choose the point of entry that will offer the best intro to the experience. With 360° video, the Guide feature allows you to pick points of interest in the field of view that you want to highlight. The Heatmap feature will show you the most-watched parts of the video.


  • Keep the stitch line stable. It’s important to bear in mind that moving the stitch line from side to side may cause some viewers to feel nauseous. Practice keeping it stable so your video doesn’t give anyone motion sickness.


  • Pay attention to lighting. When you’re outside, both lenses need to receive the same amount of light to balance the lighting for the entire video or image.


  • Practice makes perfect. Before sending 360° livestream concert footage to the public for the first time, consider doing a trial run by livestreaming with the “Only Me” setting enabled.

An important detail

  • One last thing. If you’re using Facebook Live 360 or another platform (such as Periscope), you will have the best results with a 4G connection.

The Giroptic iO 360° camera is the next gen gadget for conveying live experiences in the most immersive way achievable by modern technology. The summer is flying by fast, so be sure to catch it while you can and capture all your best memories to be shared in the best way possible.