When we opened our Giroptic Gallery to the public, we noticed pretty quickly what our fans were most fond of sharing: their travel highlights! In addition to pics, we also received plenty of tips concerning transporting the 360° camera safely and conveniently.

One of our users discovered that the iO fit perfectly into his front shirt pocket, so he made sure to pack plenty of such shirts for his trips.


Another user pointed out how it was much easier to lose tabs of the power cable than the camera itself, at least until he decided to give the cable its own dedicated spot inside of his passport case.



Apart from transport concerns, if you plan on including the Giroptic iO on your travels (which we highly recommend!) you’ll want to know what to keep in mind to make sure you’re exploiting the full value of 360°. The following is not exhaustive, but will cover the main points of capturing your travels with the Giroptic iO.


Get high with a 360° camera


High vantages are ideal for the iO because they allow you to squeeze more interesting stuff into frame (everything below) while capitalizing on the beauty of the horizons. Keep in mind that for all shots, horizons simply look awesome in 360°. So before you go on your trip, do some research to see if your destination offers helicopter rides, ferris wheels (big wheels), observation towers/decks, hot air balloons, or if you’re up for it, mountain climbs.


Get low


For certain types of shots, getting low may create the ideal vantage. Have you ever taken a trip to a famous landmark and struggled to get both your human subject and the large popular object into frame. This is clearly never an issue when taking 360° images. So go ahead and get low!


Get open

Remember what we said before about the horizon and 360°? Well, we know your destinations won’t always include the option of getting high. In those cases, you can instead venture to get open! Open bodies of water, fields, plains, salt flats, etc. all make for fantastic photo ops.


Get Wet (But Not Too Wet)


Although the iO is not intended to go underwater, you can still have plenty of fun with it on top of the water. Many popular travel destinations are next to some kind of body of water. To get a great perspective of the city or village you’re visiting, consider renting a boat, kayak, or paddleboard for the afternoon.


Get Friendly with a 360° camera


I’ll never forget the first piece of photography advice I ever received: humans make for much better subjects than empty landscapes. Unless you’re a professional landscape photographer, we recommend including as many smiling faces as you can into every shot you take, even if it’s the background you’re trying to capture. Human foreground + landscape background = great results in 360°!

Tables obviously, serve as a great dashboard for 360° because they naturally place the subjects all around the camera. You can also achieve this by simply asking your friends to make a circle around you. Don’t forget to say cheese—you may be the one taking the shot, but remember you’re always in frame!


We hope these tips will serve you well on your cross-planet adventures. Please consider sharing your best shots with us at https://share.360.tv/. If we like your picture or video, we’ll be sure to add it to the gallery!