He’s a 4-year-old comprised of equal parts energy and curiosity. These two qualities combined can lead to frustration, hyperactivity, exhaustion, and the occasional broken item (rest in peace my iPad Pro). They can also entangle to produce the more endearing compound quality: discovery. Giroptic iO: so easy a 4-year-old could use it?

They key to encouraging Nathan’s sense of discovery is simple: activate his curiosity while at the same time keeping his energy in check. And the trick to accomplishing this is to give him a good challenge that’s not too difficult and not too easy. This is how you get him to focus. Easier said than done.

Today’s good challenge: operating the Giroptic iO 360° camera.


Mini-challenge 1: Downloading and opening the Giroptic iO app.

Difficulty level for a 4-year-old: High

Preparation: Pass

Results: I decided to go ahead and do this one myself. It’s not a very interesting challenge for a 4-year-old who hasn’t learned to read yet!


Mini-challenge 2: Connecting the iO to the smartphone

Difficulty level for a 4-year-old: Medium

Preparation: I let him watch me connect and disconnect the iO from my phone’s C port a few times, showing him both the wrong and right way to position the device.

Result: He first tried connecting it to the phone the wrong way, which I can’t blame him for as I sometimes do the same myself. After a moment of reflection, he managed to flip it around to the right position without any instruction from me. He fumbled a bit trying to line up the connector, but eventually managed to dock it with relative ease. Success!


Mini-challenge 3: Taking a video

Difficulty level for a 4-year-old: Easy to take a bad video. More difficult to take a good one.

Preparation: I sat him on my lap and had him hold my wrist so that I could demonstrate how the camera worked. Keep perfectly still, I told him. Although the Giroptic iO has video stabilization for iOS, it hasn’t yet been implemented for Android. I was worried holding her steady would be the tricky part for him. Was I right to worry?

Result: see for yourself!


Well, it’s an immersive moment alright. In that sense, I guess the experiment was a success. Nathaniel sure had fun with it.

Although the iO wasn’t exactly made for toddler use, I would still consider the device to be toddler compatible. It’s pretty sturdy: difficult to knock off of the phone or break. It will capture an interesting video whether you’re a talented videographer or not. This is largely due to the fact that 360° makes it almost impossible to miss the shot!

Video stabilization (available for iOS) will also be great as soon as it’s available for Android, which should be any week now.

Hm…practice makes perfect, so let’s give Nathan another chance. We’ll try a picture this time.


Alright, that one came out pretty well. Good job, little guy!



So, do I recommend buying a Giroptic iO for your kid’s 4th birthday? Maybe not.

Is the Giroptic iO so easy a 4-year-old could use it? Actually, yes!

So why don’t you buy one for your own birthday and let your little ones give it a try!