It’s official: the Giroptic iO is the leading camera for Facebook Live 360.

Launched in December 2016, the Giroptic iO’s 360-degree imaging technology is the perfect match for Facebook’s recently revealed Live 360 platform.

The Giroptic iO offers seamless integration with Facebook Live 360

Livestreaming in 360° video gives social media users the ability to create fun and immersive visual experiences for their viewers. The Giroptic iO, a compact, 360-degree camera that simplifies livestreaming to Facebook, couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Consumers are ready. Smartphone and livestreaming technology are ready. And Giroptic is certainly ready, too!

The Giroptic iO companion app for Android and iOS, with its Facebook Live 360 integration, makes it possible and super easy for smartphone users to stream live video. In addition, the real-time stitching component makes it possible for users to capture 360-degree videos and photos and immediately share them on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Recently, at Facebook’s 2017 F8 Developer Conference in San Jose, California, each attendee received their very own Giroptic iO. The purpose of the gift was to equip participants with a tool that would allow them to get a jump start on exploring this new, captivating form of communication.

At last year’s F8 event, each attendee received a Samsung Gear Headset, so it came as a surprise that the Giroptic iO was chosen as the handout this year instead of the Gear 360 camera. The honor has proven to be a significant springboard for Giroptic, placing the startup at the forefront of Facebook’s push for increased 360-degree content.

Giroptic’s partnership with Facebook is part of the social media platform’s vision for more augmented reality (AR) features, and its goal of enabling users to capture, create, and share immersive stories.

Start using your Giroptic iO this summer with Facebook Live 360

With its range of settings and content formats, the Giroptic iO produces endless fun for its users. And summer is the perfect time to give your Facebook content a lift by capturing 360-degree memories and narrating your experiences live. Parties, picnics, sporting events, outdoor concerts, weekend getaways, and vacations are all great occasions to explore and create using your new camera.

You might want to use the iO to create a livestream for a friend who couldn’t come along for a weekend getaway. Or perhaps you’d like to set up a playful photoshoot with your nieces and nephews during a summer barbecue.

Maybe you’ll want to share a 360° video from a music festival or outdoor concert with your friends who are off on their own summer adventures. You could even decide to give a virtual tour of an apartment you’re trying to sublet while you’re on vacation.

Everyone loves nature, and 360° images are fantastic for taking landscape footage. Next time you escape to an exotic destination with your Giroptic iO in hand, you’ll be able to capture more natural beauty than you ever have before—and you won’t be able to wait to share it with everyone via your favorite social media outlets.

The Facebook Live 360 platform enables you to transport your viewers into your experiences like no other medium. You can bring anyone along with you on your most memorable end-of-the-summer adventures, and, even better, you can do it in real time. So why not try out the Giroptic iO today?

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