At Giroptic, we love to push the envelope.

We were the first to create a consumer 360° device that did all the hard stitching work for you using our unique on-chip stitching technology.

We have since shipped thousands of devices worldwide that are used to capture and share moments in 360°.

Today, we take another step further into the evolution of 360°. I am very proud to announce iO Ping: our all-new service that will change the way people communicate.

iO Ping allows you to call your friends and family in 360°. The experience is nothing short of amazing. We think you’ll love it so much, you’ll never consider going back to traditional video calls.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.


Richard, CEO


NOTE: iO Ping is available in Beta (click here to join our beta program), and will be deployed to every iO owner through an app update on October 26th.


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