Testimony from Bryan, a Giroptic iO user and frequent wedding guest.

Share love in 360

Through my twenties, it felt like weddings were spreading like a benign virus. I was in a long-term relationship, and my wife and I (yes, we eventually caught the bug) would go to weddings to celebrate, catch up with old friends, and dance the night away. It was a time of immense change and incredible promise—that exciting and sometimes-tumultuous period devoted to developing careers or traveling the world or continuing education or building family…or all at the same time! So, we celebrated our friends as they shared their love, and we tried our best to record every moment for posterity.

A few weeks ago, I was looking back through a few of the photo albums we had put together, and I was struck not just by how young we all looked, but also by the things that were missing from those photos. There were hilarious dance-floor shots, tender moments, and ceremonious scenes (one with a sword!), but there was a lot missing. Where I saw a bride throwing a bouquet, for instance, I couldn’t see that bride’s niece (before she dislocated her shoulder) in a flat-out dive for the bouquet, an intense grin on her face (before an intense grimace!).

Luckily, there was a doctor on hand—another friend from way back, now a successful endocrinologist. He set the niece’s shoulder straight, and we got a nice shot of her slow-dancing with him later that night. So, we captured a lot of amazing moments. At the same time, we had lost a lot of the most important, little moments—those you-just-had-to-be-there situations.

The photographer is with us

Also missing: the photographer! I was never much of a photographer, but my other half is gifted in the mysterious ways of the camera. Unfortunately, that means she’s in almost none of our photos. That’s a huge bummer. We had amazing times together, and I wanted to be able to relive some of that through the photos and videos we took.

A few weeks back, a friend had been raving to me about his new 360˚ camera, which I thought was pretty gimmicky at first. Then he showed me some fishing shots, and I was more intrigued. They looked great, and I really felt like I was in the experience with him. So, the fishing photos were cool, but the appeal of 360˚ cameras really came together for me as I was looking over those old wedding photos. 360˚ means all those missing moments—and missing people—don’t have to be left out of important photos and videos. Since then, I’ve been totally hooked on 360˚ photos and videos.

Using the Giroptic iO at a wedding

I was so hooked that I ended up getting a 360˚ camera—a Giroptic iO—which was astonishingly easy to set up and use. I figured there would be a learning curve, but the camera is really intuitive, and I’ve already caught some amazing shots that I definitely would have missed with a regular camera. Bad at framing a shot? Doesn’t matter. Not even facing the right direction? Doesn’t matter. It feels like cheating. Even the photographer gets dutifully captured in the picture. I’m thinking I’ll definitely get more shots of my wife now that I have the iO. I mean, she’ll probably still be glued to her regular camera; but I’ll be taking everything in on all sides, all at once.

We were actually at another wedding recently, and I brought the Giroptic iO along. Here are some of the amazing shots I got. I honestly can’t believe how good some of them are. Whether you’re at a party or a friend’s wedding, or maybe even your own wedding, I can’t recommend the Giroptic iO 360˚ camera highly enough for capturing those truly important moments.