Meet Amber. Amber doesn’t shy away from much: motherhood, entrepreneurship, ex-patriotism—she eats those things for breakfast. Ask her to install something on her PC, though, or change the settings on her smartphone, and she suddenly loses her composure. A technophobe!

And so we have the technophobe’s dilemma: forever stuck in whichever year they technologically peaked (2009, in Amber’s case)—doomed to occupy the sidelines as the future passes them by. But wait, no…not on Giroptic’s watch!


The Giroptic iO—so easy Amber (technophobe) can use it?

As a good-natured experiment, we decided to equip Amber with the iO without any instructions or warm-up. The objective was to see if she could accomplish a series of time-restricted challenges:

  1. downloading and installing the app,
  2. connecting the iO to her phone and snapping a photo,
  3. sharing a 360° image on social media,
  4. and finally playing around with the different content modes.

Let’s see how well our subject performed!


Challenge 1: Downloading and Installing the App


The first challenge we had Amber attempt was getting the iO app set up on her phone.

Oh, this will be easy,” she said, “I’ll just go to the App Store.

After recalling that her phone was not, in fact, an Apple product connected to the App Store, it only took her an additional 30 seconds to locate and open Google Play. An honest mistake! A quick search for “Giroptic iO” in Google Play, then a click of the “install” and “open” buttons was all intuitive enough even for the non-tech savvy Amber to execute.

It was a false start for me, but I came through in the end!


Challenge 2: Connecting the iO and Taking a Photo

Uh oh. I’m not so pro at connecting things.

Amber started off this challenge with justifiable concern. Connecting things is where a lot of people go wrong. Think of the pesky USB key. Doesn’t fit this way. Doesn’t fit that way. Ok, now it does fit this way! Mysterious little things…

It took Amber the minimum three attempts that are usually needed when connecting a cable to a port for the first time. Despite the initial mis-connects, she was delighted when the iO app opened all by itself upon recognizing that the device had been connected.

Oh, that’s friggin’ smart!

With the app opened up, Amber knew exactly what she needed to do next: press the big blue button. Select photo option. Then press the big blue button again. Friggin’ easy.

Have a look at Amber’s first 360° creation:


Challenge 3: Sharing an Image on Social Media

Alright…Facebook! Now we’re in my wheelhouse.


Technically, it did take Amber less than 30 seconds to successfully execute this mission. However, the wifi connection at our location was less than adequate. For the purposes of this experiment, we’re not including upload time ; )

Amber was happy with her Facebook post, especially seeing how curious all her friends were about this new 360° technology. For many, it was the first time they had seen something like that posted on a personal social network account.

Ohhhh,” realized Amber. “This is what it feels like to be an early adopter.”

It’s true: early tech adoption tends to garner plenty of attention on social media. Luckily, it’s not too late to be a part of the first wave of Giroptic iO owners!


Challenge 4: Playing Around with the Different Content Modes

Content modes? What’s that?” Like video?

Ok, I see, like messing with the image. That’s fun!

Little planet and reverse little planet were both easy enough to execute for Amber, simply by selecting a photo to play with and then clicking on the corresponding icon.


I gave her some time to see if she’d figure out that you can play around with the image directly using her fingers.

No, I don’t like this. This makes my forehead look way too big.

Obviously, it takes some practice to correctly frame and distort the image to your liking, but we have no doubt she’ll eventually get the hang of it!

Conclusion: In this era of personal devices, there’s no excuse for unintuitive usability. Even if the average person today is significantly more tech-savvy than the average person in 2009 was, we’ve come a long way in making our gadgets Amber-proof.

This is especially important for a product such as the Giroptic iO, which users need to be able to use in an instant whenever they see something picture or video-worthy. That’s why we’ve tested and improved the iO a thousand times over to make sure that anyone who knows how to use their smartphone will instantly know how to use our camera. The proof is in the pudding, but don’t take our word for it. Get your hands on one and see for yourself!


Next challenge: live streaming in 360°?

Hm, can we save that one for next time?

Sure thing, Amber.

So just how fast is the Giroptic iO? Check out our recent article where we put the iO to the test, clocking its speed in different scenarios.