Your life is not happening in a frame.
But maybe it does after all...

It's hard to say Goodbye.

I am sad to announce that we are closing Giroptic today March 5th, 2018.

This journey started in 2008 with the idea to bring 360 capture to everyone - at a time when almost nobody had seen a 360 image. I knew this adventure would not be easy, everything had to be re-invented. You do not capture, share or view a 360 image the same way you do with a regular image.

45 creative talents, 45 amazing people, 45 friends… joined the voyage to push the envelope further and further. We built together products that were exciting, innovative and category defining with the idea to make spherical capture accessible to everyone.

Last year, we shipped 20 000 cameras all over the world. Unfortunately, in a newly born market, this was not enough to build a sustainable business over time. For the past 8 months, we have been trying to find a new home for our technology. We were about to close a deal with a leading smartphone manufacturer - this would have helped us scale and deploy our vision. Sadly, it did not happen, last minute.

Sometime you can be ahead of your time - I will always remember the excitement people would share with us after they had used our products.

I would like to thank all of our Customers, Investors, Partners, Friends and Team for supporting us through this journey.

Giroptic has been my whole life for 10 years and I couldn’t have worked with a better group of people.


Founder & CEO

Our story


Giroptic creation

Our 1st device, the Giroptic 360 HDR. A mirror ball 360 camera dedicated for the real-estate & tourism industry.



Our 2nd device, the Girocam. A 30 Mpx digital still camera equipped with 3 fisheye lenses.


Girocam video

Our 3rd device, The Girocam video. Our 1st device with video capability. 3 Full HD sensors with 3 fisheye lenses.



Our 4th device, The Geonaute 360. An action camera developped for Decathlon which won the CES innovation award in 2014.

May 2014

Kickstarter - 360cam

Our 5th device, the 360cam - presented on Kickstarter became the biggest Kickstarter campaign in France with $1.4M raised in 45 days.

January 2015

360cam - Youtube

Giroptic worked with Youtube on the spherical video format to define the standart that is now used by everyone in the industry.

August 2015

Series A

Giroptic raises its 1st round of funding from Partech Venture, C4V, Finorpa, Aloe Blacc, Sos Venture, 360 Capital and several angels.

February 2016

Extreme Tech Challenge

Giroptic finished #2 finalist of the Extreme Tech Challenge, the startup competition that happens on Necker Island, Richard Branson island.

November 2016

VLC 360

Giroptic enabled 360 video playback on VLC - the most popular video player.

December 2016

Giroptic iO

Our 6th device, the Giroptic iO that turns any smartphone into a 360 camera. Photo, Video, Live - the fastest way to capture & share your content in 360.

January 2017

Series B

Giroptic raises its 2st round of funding from its current investors as well as FFP, BNP Dev and several angels.

April 2017

The 1st 360 camera sent in Space

After 2 years of heavy certification work with the CNES, Thomas Pesquet brings with him in the ISS a unit of the 360cam.

April 2017

Facebook F8

4,500 Giroptic iOs were given away by Mike Schroepfer, the CTO of Facebook, during Facebook F8, Facebook's annual developer conference.

June 2017

IDEA Design award

Giroptic iO Design & User experience wins the IDEA award price in the consumer electronic category.

September 2017

iO Ping

Giroptic release iO Ping - the 1st 360 video call service. A super low latency & immersive experience enabled by our realtime stitching technology.

October 2017

Orange Live Cam

Our 7th device, The Orange Live Cam, the smallest 360 camera we have ever developped. Distributed exclusively by Orange in Europe.

January 2018

3D Reconstruction

A unique pipeline that allows anyone to create 3D models out of 360 photos. A simple workflow 100% developped by Giroptic.

March 2018

Au revoir

The team that made it possible

From product design to manufacturing, from idea to best in class user experience, here are the people behind Giroptic.

Sébastien Blondé

Embedded System Engineer


Gauthier Boidin

FPGA Designer


Paul Bottein

Front-end Developer


Alexander Bown

FPGA Development Engineer


Sébastien Boy

Back-end Developer


Julien Buisine

PCB Design Engineer


Benjamin Catelet

Fulfillment Manager


Maxime Chapelet

iOS Developer


Pierre Clément

Senior Web Developer


Steven Debeire

Embedded Software Lead Developer


Tania Domitrovic

Assistant Mechanical workshop / Electronics


Florent Duquesnoy

Embedded Systems Engineer


Damien Eynard

3D Capture Lead


Luis Eduardo García Capel

Image Processing Engineer


Thomas George

Senior Product Manager


Matthieu Grosselin

Chief Product Officer


Cyril Gryzon

Product Manager


Achille-Tâm Guilchard

Image Processing Engineer


Guillaume Hugot

Android Developer


Laurent Imbrecht

Global Procurement Manager


Pierre Jasinsky

Embedded System Engineer


Léandre Kurtzmann

Art director


Sylvie Lamblin

Financial and Administrative Manager


Alexis Marque

Mechanical Designer


Benoit Martin

Computer Vision Engineer


Nicolas Mauri

Senior Mobile Engineer


Pierre Méresse

Acoustical Engineer


Rawia Mhiri

Computer Vision Engineer, Phd


Vincent Munoz

UX Designer


Richard Ollier

Co-founder and CEO


Miriana Perkovic

Office Assistant


Joris Profili

Android Developer


Benjamin Ray

E-Commerce Product Manager


Geoffrey Regia Corte

Chief Design Officer


Arnould de Rocquigny

Chief Technology Officer


Hadrien Rols

PCB Design Engineer


Ibrahima Sakho

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer


Romain Seguy



Pierre Jeannin

VP Sales


Ming Chen

Industrialisation Manager



Can I still use my Giroptic iO camera?

The Giroptic apps will remain available on the Apple Store and Play Store. Incompatibility may happen with devices released after February 1st, 2018.

Will I be able to get a refund?

If you purchased your camera directly from Giroptic, you will not be able to get refunded. If you purchased Giroptic from a third party, you will be covered by their individual return policy.

Merci et au revoir...